Beach – Activities

Koromili beach with small colorful sparkling pebbles,

Just a few meters outside the property walk down the steps to a quiet beach. With low trees and with only sound the waves and the cicadas. Our guests from the rooms can enjoy the sea and the sunbeds on the pier of Agrilia.

The mountain at the back of the complex is ideal for hiking,

A path above Koromili beach leads to a second beach for free living. Gulls and small birds from the mountain gather on its rocks. Cold running water gushing through the pebbles of the beach under a Sykia. The whole natural landscape is magical, especially in the low season. Escape to a nature shelter with good weather almost 8 months a year.

Fishing overlooking the landscape

The coastline with the rocks around the beach and the complex are ideal for fishing. In the area the seabed is clean with rich biodiversity. From the rooms the steps lead you to the sunbeds around the pier like in a natural pool!

Do not forget to bring a mask! Swim in the small port of the small caves and around the formed pier.

The pier is ideal for diving and safe games!